Homeless man removed from Kemston Avenue

Homeless man removed from Kemston Avenue

There used to be a homeless man staying on this exact pavement in Kemston Avenue, his mini shack was erected on this sidewalk. I remember the Municipality removed him and said he was an “eye sore”, yes those were their exact word because I was there when they removed him. Now let me tell you that, that “eye sore” kept this pavement clean, and he kept the grass short. If I am not mistaken he was staying there for at least 12 years. Never bothered anyone, and like I said he cleaned that pavement every single day without fail. Now the same Municipality that removed him , who are paid by the way cant do the same. It is an absolute disgrace to see how inefficient and lazy Benoni’s Municipality has become. Shame on you and shame on you for removing that man that kept Kemston Avenue clean.

Deon Putter

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