Good Morning Benoni by Mavildia Jones

Good morning Benoni by Mavildia Jones

Good morning
Firstly, I wish you a big success with your new website. This is an awesome community. I am new to
Benoni and moved here from Rosebank two years ago and I must say that Benoni people in terms of
caring for both their fellow residents as well as being great animal lovers, certainly came as the nicest
surprise – what a gem of a town. It is a town of gererosity, caring, helpful, great charity work. Benoni in
a nutshell, helps those in need whether It be in the form of donations, give away items, helping some
child fulfill their dreams, helping some new mother gather the bare necessities for her child, assisting the
elderly or simply in the form of advice. Find the place a delight – what community is all about.

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