Diabetes a Feel good story by local resident Mavildia Jones. A Must Read!!!

A must read from local resident Mavildia Jones

Good morning,
I have an incredible “feel good” story to tell. Almost two years ago, my husband landed up in Linmed
wih a blood sugar count of 63. Something I am told they had never seen before. He was in a semi-coma
for four days. He had survived the first round. Now for the second round. Due to many sports injuries
(he is a karate 6 th dan) he was not able to exercise and had gained an enormous amount of weight. He
weighed at the time 168 kilos and wore a 6XL shirt. Today he weighs 105 kilos and wears an XL shirt.
His blooid count is between 4 – 6. When he left hospital he was on 28 units of insulin. He is now on 9. I
have done extensive research on this subject and I would like to share this with other diabetics and/or
their loved ones / carers in terms of what has really worked. I would appreciate any suggestions on how
to go about doing this We could share recipes, moral support, etc. I have a great venue in mind where
we could meet but would love to know what the others think. Let’s see if we can get this going. I am
sure it could make a difference in many lives.

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